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“Hurting Little Heart – I Miss My Mommy”

Stay tuned for another children’s book called “Hurting Little heart – I miss my mommy” as we follow one of Sassay’s little friend name Jeremiah that was introduced in Growing Up Sassafras – I miss my daddy!


What a story this will be! See how this story unfolds as we witness family struggles, lost, betrayal, unforgiveness, pain, jealousy, and buried generational secrets are unveiled. Yet, strong faith and belief will play out, binding the family together, as God restores and strengthens and equips the family to rise up, and begin to seek after God and the purpose He originally had for each of their lives.

'Growing up Sassafras - Where is my Daddy'

Wisdom and love from grandparents. This is a different kind of family story! It is one that most never hear of in public, but so many families experience it in private.

We often read and hear testimonies about the determination of a torn mother or grandmother who guided her family through the pain and the sorrow, no money, no education, and no home. Yet, with much wisdom and determination, she and her children made it.


Grandmother Mildred is that character in this book, but is on a different side. She is standing back, watching her daughter’s emotional turmoil erupt in her granddaughter’s life. It is about the best for your child, every child. To have the love, care, and support of parents and family, believing in hope and healing for every child.

'Emergence of Me -Discovering My Identity and the Courage Within'

 To inspire boldness in a person’s walk with the Lord by sharing my story. It was a story I was afraid to write and even unearth in my head. As I continued to grow in Christ, I began to understand just how important it is to understand exactly who we are and what we have been called to do in this life that God has blessed us to live. We must find our identity in the Father, yet how do we do it?

Ask, believe, speak, and begin to watch your life change once your mind begins to change. Your change will come with your changed thoughts and what you then allow to enter your mind and come out of your mouth. Our words have now formed our world, known as our current life. Our change can begin by guarding our thoughts and what we allow to seep out of our mouths, escaping into the atmosphere and mixing with unbelief.

We must come to believe that God not only has us, but He has the best for us, even before our feet hit the ground. If you fall, roll over, get back up, and do it again and again and again. We are enough!

To inspire bold 

Unlock Your Voice

*Amazon Bestseller!

Unlock Your Voice is a compilation of powerful stories with expert Kingdom strategies from twelve courageous women from across the globe who have been called to impact the marketplace. This international multi-author book bestseller imparts foundational biblical truths and invites leaders to partner financially, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally with God.


You will encounter women who have suffered the loss of a spouse, devastating illnesses, and financial hardship and yet tell miraculous stories of how God met them and how they overcame these setbacks.

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