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Best Selling Author, 
Speaker & Transformation Coach
About Me

About Me

Denise C. Herndon Harvey is a Speaker, Transformation Coach, and a bestselling author,  who has a passion for writing about God’s grace. She is a published author of the children’s book called, “Growing up Sassafras -Where is my daddy?”  “Emergence of Me - Discovering My Identity and Courage Within.” Along with newly released, bestselling multi-author book, “Unlock Your Voice.”  

When she writes, she incorporates many factors such as faith and hope in God, and family restoration. Her goal is to help demonstrate God’s love for the family. That all can experience transformation, deliverance, and healing when God is invited to operate and live in our hearts.

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My Books

About My Books

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Denise Harvey - Metro Atlanta, GA (609) 234 - 7164

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